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  • July 2016, Fortune Magazine and USA Today name Crisfield #3 in best bargain beachfront towns
  • Economic development corporation formed and lists Crisfield's top 67 assets
  • July 3, 2014 Wall St. Journal - Crisfield named number 4 of top 10 places in America to buy a waterfront vacation home
  • Paddler Magazine named Crisfield as one of America's top 10 kayak destinations
  • Book names Crisfield as one of America's top 10 outdoor towns
  • Crisfield has a modern hospital with an ER accessible by both land and water
  • Crisfield has an airport with 2500 foot paved and 3200 foot turf runways
  • Crisfield has a country club that meets 8 times per year with live music, dancing, and refreshment
  • Crisfield has a yacht club headquartered at Somers Cove Marina
  • Crisfield has approximately 1000 boat slips including Maryland's premier public marina, Somers Cove
  • Crisfield has a Coast Guard station that had to break ice on the bay this past winter
  • Crisfield is home to Jane's Island State Park
  • Crisfield was badly damaged by Hurricane Sandy and is just now recovering with the opening of new restaurants and businesses and a newly constructed city dock, The Depot
  • Crisfield's newly elected city council is pro-business and pro-development
  • Crisfield has abundant sewer, water and electric utilities
  • Crisfield is building a 300 ' windmill to power city utilities
  • Crisfield has a new $5 million public library
  • Crisfield's municipal park and beach is nearing completion

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  • At the end of the 19th century, Crisfield was the second largest city in Maryland
  • Crisfield has had many famous residents including:
  •         MD Governor  Millard Tawes
  •         Founder of Beneficial Finance Corp Clarence Hodson
  •         Duck carvers the Ward Brothers
  • Crisfield once shipped trainloads of oysters every day  
  • Crisfield was known as the Crab Capital of the World     

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